Over the past decade of growth, Saskatchewan’s expanded exports and new business investments here at home have given our province the second-fastest rate of job creation and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. The 2018-19 Saskatchewan Budget will help to ensure Saskatchewan’s economy stays on track as we begin another decade of growth.

From gas and groceries to clothing and other necessities, provinces across Canada are finding out how carbon taxes drive up costs and make it harder for families to make ends meet.

Not only do carbon taxes hurt families by making their day-to-day lives more expensive, they threaten their jobs by making our export-based economies less competitive in a global market.

Your Saskatchewan Party MLAs have a vision for a growing province where our children and their children can build a life.  We are committed to ensuring this vision is realized and are closer than ever to achieving it thanks to an unprecedented decade of prosperity and achievement.

We have heard from parents and educators that additional funding is essential to ensure that our children receive the highest quality education possible. This is why our government has moved to provide Saskatchewan school divisions with mid-year funding of $7.5 million.

The start of a new year is a time of optimism and renewal – and here in Saskatchewan we see encouraging signs that our best days are still to come.

Saskatchewan’s population for example has now grown to more than 1,168,000.

According to the latest Statistics Canada figures, Saskatchewan grew by 4,132 people in the past quarter, 14,467 in the past year and 160,781 in the past decade.

On his last day in the Legislative Assembly, Premier Brad Wall reflected on service to the province and its people by asking the question: “did you leave things better than you found them?”

While there will always be more work to do, I believe that if you can answer that question with a “yes”, then you have done your part to leave a legacy that is worthy of this province.

Health care is one area in which I am proud of our government’s record. For the past decade, we have worked to reverse the NDP’s record of decline that forced health care professionals to leave the province and put Saskatchewan patients on the longest wait lists for surgery in Canada.

Made-in-Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy

Our government recently released a climate strategy that reduces emissions in key sectors, introduces flexible options for emitters, and protects our province from a changing climate. Prairie Resilience: A Made-in-Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy, accomplishes this without a carbon tax.

Saskatchewan has enjoyed a decade of growth and our government is working to ensure Saskatchewan keeps growing stronger.

The new session of the Legislature opened with a Throne Speech outlining a busy legislative agenda. This includes our government’s plans to:

TransCanada has cancelled its application to build the Energy East pipeline.

Energy East would have created thousands of jobs, contributed billions of dollars in tax revenue and boosted Canada’s economy by around $55 billion – all from exclusively private sector investment.

Moody’s Investors Service recently confirmed Saskatchewan’s Aaa credit rating.

Moody’s rating confirmation is thanks in large part to our 3-year plan to return to a balanced budget. The dividends of some difficult decisions in the budget are paying off with lower debt financing costs, and stability for our finances.

Saskatchewan’s new Protection & Response Team (PRT) will help address crime, including in rural communities, with 258 armed resources to help across the province.

The new PRT is being created in response to recommendations by the Caucus Committee on Crime and will consist of armed officers who will have arrest and detention powers.

The PRT will be comprised of:

After serving as Premier of Saskatchewan for nearly 10 years, Premier Brad Wall announced that he will be retiring from the position and elected politics when his party elects a new Leader.

Premier Wall had this to say about his retirement, and of the record of the government since first being elected to office in 2007:

This November will mark 10 years since I had the incredible honour of being elected as Premier of this wonderful province that I love.  I’ve always thought that the 10 year mark – should I be so fortunate to serve that long – might be the right time to reevaluate.

Saskatchewan residents who pay income tax will soon be paying less and Saskatchewan people with lower incomes will receive a boost in their tax credit amounts.

Starting July 1, 2017, Saskatchewan Personal Income Tax rates will drop by half a percentage point, supporting our government's growth agenda and improving Saskatchewan's tax competitiveness.
Saskatchewan Personal Income Tax rates will drop by another half point on July 1, 2019.

Combined, these two reductions will save a single Saskatchewan taxpayer, with no dependents and an annual income of $50,000, about $77 per year. This person's 2020 Saskatchewan Personal Income Tax will be $308 lower than his or her 2016 Saskatchewan Personal Income Tax.

Our government has worked hard to increase the complement of physicians and specialists in Saskatchewan through training, retention, and international recruitment.

The Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment is a made-in-Saskatchewan solution created under our government to assess foreign-trained family physicians.

Sixteen doctors recently completed the assessment.

As a result of this program, which was fully implemented in 2012, 210 more physicians are serving Saskatchewan with 80% practicing in a rural or regional community.

The words thank you don't even begin to describe how grateful Saskatchewan is to have received an extraordinary gift from the Jim Pattison Foundation.

A $50 million donation to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan (CFHS), is going to benefit children and families for generations to come.

In honour of this unprecedented generosity, the hospital will be named the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital. The CHFS will also be renamed the Jim Pattison Children's Foundation.

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